..."Here I stand, helpless and left for dead. Close your eyes, so many days go by. Easy to find what's wrong, harder to find what's right.
Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight? Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight? Trembling, crawling across my skin. Feeling your cold dead eyes, stealing the life of mine. I believe in you, I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies. I won't last long, in this world so wrong"...

Lament for Erebor

28. ledna 2013 v 20:27 | Little Wolf |  Stories

(inspired by The Hobbit)

I sang of leaves, of fire and stone,
Of pines which grew upon the highs,
Of wind I sang, a wind there came,
From the far northern land.
Beyond the walls of frigid stone,
The treasure lay in splendid grave,
And by the breeze of Iron Hills
There came the darkened skies.
Beneath the stars of ever-eve,
In darkened lands it brightly shone,
In darkened lands beside the walls,
Of mighty Erebor.
There long lost treasure deeply slept,
Inside the vast and noble halls,
While here beyond the mighty trees,
Now fall the silent tears.
Oh Erebor, the winter comes,
The barren cold and leafless day,
The leaves are falling in the stream,
The river flows away.
Oh Erebor where have you gone,
Lost in ash and undying flame,
And fading crown of dwarven king,
The long forgotten gold.
What if of death now should I sing,
The flames which burnt so high to skies,
What if the trees has gone to ash,
With land just in my dream?

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